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For some reason, it won't download for me via the itch game app. When I click "install," it changes to "downloading," then a message pops up for about a microsecond (too fast for me to read it).

Hi Nikki Nyx,

Thanks for your interest! If you use a pop-up blocker it prevent to open the download page.  This is the direct link  for all the platforms. :D


Ok, I disabled AdBlocker for the itch website, but it still won't download and install. I'm not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions?

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Really strange ...
I don't know what operating system you have but this is the direct link to the download for windows.  Simply unzip and play :)


Yeah I cannot install it either. I am very interested in the game though.

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Hi, ItzWalrusYT!

You don't need to install it. Just run the .exe file and the game starts! ;)



I'd like to check it out, love the classic Myst feel, but can't get the download button to download :(


Hi LumpsPlays! Thank you so much for your interest :D

About the download, same old problem. If you use a pop-up blocker it prevent to open the download page.

This is because we have  linked the download directly to our site  (more fast for us) but I think is better upload the file (more easy for gamers)  :D


Oddly enough, it worked just fine when I tried it again today without changing anything! Must have been a weird hiccup or something. Looking forward to checking it out!


We changed the links to avoid any problem. We hope you enjoy the game :D